VanLife: Periods & The Environmental Impact

VanLife: Periods & The Environmental Impact

It appears that each year the number of adventurous lady van dwellers has been growing at rapid rates, which means taboo conversations like Periods are now openly talked about more than ever before. I think it’s fair to say that all van lifers have their own struggles managing life on the road, but for women in particular.. we have an added monthly pain in our uterus’s that can make this lifestyle a little trickier than our fellow brothers.

“What is it like having your period in a van?”

It is definitely not ideal but it’s manageable!
To give you a better idea on what a typical time of the month (could) consist of I’m going to paint you a general picture.

If you use disposable feminine products such as tampons, pads or liners.. then your trash bin will constantly have used and bloody products piling up, especially if you have a heavy flow day or week. Living in a van means sometimes you’re in remote areas which do not have an exterior bin to get rid of this waste, so you have to carry it around with you in your tiny space until you’re able to properly dispose of it. As if that isn’t already unpleasant enough, during the Summer months the heat will intensify those bad odours.
This can sometimes feel a bit awkward or embarrassing as a pile of used smelly tampons isn’t exactly welcoming!

PERIODS ARE MESSY. We’ve all been there.. the dreaded leak. Well, imagine waking up and having that instant “oh fuck..” feeling knowing you’ve leaked through your pajamas and onto your bedding, now you’re scavenging around trying to find a hopes you even have one. If you’re lucky you do, if not then another struggle begins. Now, imagine going through this messy situation and not having a hot bath or shower to clean yourself up with afterwards. Typically vans don’t have their own built-in washing and drying machines either. So not only do you feel gross, you also have a pile of bloody laundry that may not get washed for a few days.
Very similar scenarios can happen when you’re out on an adventure as well. Maybe it comes out of nowhere, maybe you weren’t prepared or maybe you were. Regardless, now you’ve leaked through your undies and/or your pants, and odds are you don’t have an extra change of clothes on hand.

Lastly and most importantly,  the monthly costs of buying (over priced) disposable feminine products adds up month-to-month, year-to-year! This is all money that takes away from your road trips, adventures, or all the yummy snacks that you so naturally want to eat during this time.

“So how can you make your time-of-the-month a little easier?”

My biggest solution to these issues has been switching to a menstrual cup. If you’re not already using one, then I am sure you’ve at least heard of this life altering invention! Many women around the globe have joined this movement, and you should too! Using a menstrual cup not only betters your period experience but also helps better the environment that we’re all so passionate about.
I personally have been using the OrganiCup and I am extremely happy with the results and impact that it’s had on my life and the planet.

I had previously been using tampons for the last decade, so I’ll be honest and tell you that I was pretty intimidated before using the cup for the first time! I had heard many amazing benefits to making this switch but for some reason I was scared and felt awkward about using one. So I did my research and that is when I found The OrganiCup. This UK company had me hooked before I even ordered the Cup. The information about feminine product waste astounded me and I wanted to make a change.

Did you know!?

An individual uses 11,000 disposable period products in a lifetime.
Tampons, pads and panty liners along with their packaging and individual wrapping generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, and typically all contain plastic. This waste mostly ends up in landfills, sewages, on our beaches and in our oceans.

500 years
is how long it can take for pads and tampons to degrade.

4.6 M
disposable period products are flushed down the toilet every day in the UK alone.. EVERYDAY!

It was an obvious choice I had to make, I was not going to contribute to this massive environmental issue any longer! Using the cup was a bit awkward at first (as I presumed), but after the first day I already felt such a huge shift in my experience with my period.
For me, my time of the month is short but heavy. On my heaviest day I used to go through 3-5 super tampons and typically had leaks. The pressure of the inserted tampons would make me feel slug-ish, not wanting to move from bed most of the day. I almost always woke up with a leak on my sheets and I constantly adding period waste to the trash.
Firstly, the cup was actually much easier to insert than I imagined and the removal was far less scary than I anticipated! I will admit however, that this process is still very strange and will take some time for me to become fully comfortable with. But I am already learning a great deal about my body in a way that I would not have known otherwise. After the first few hours of using OrganiCup I noticed that my uterus pains and pressures that I normally felt, were noticeably gone! In fact, on my heaviest day I went surfing and worked out with no leaks. I was highly satisfied, even though I found myself removing the cup every few hours to examine out of routine, from needing to constantly change my tampons in previous cycles. I was also just very curious to know what was happening in my body! I am getting to know the consistency of my period, how my flow actually flows.

Why switch to OrganiCup?

369 M
disposable period products have been avoided by individuals who have made the switch to OrganiCup and,

1,5000 tons
of tampon/pad waste has been saved from pouting our planet.

No leaks, no worries.
OrganiCup holds up to 3 tampons worth and can be worn for up to 12 hours so you can forget about your period during the day or night!

Save money and reduce your waste.
OrganiCup last years, not hours! There is zero waste waste and saves your monthly expenses. More money for adventures!

Minimal waste, Minimal Volume.
The packaging is made from FCS-certified carton and all instruction have been printed directly on the packaging to prevent additional waste. It comes with a cotton storage bag and is made from unbleached organic cotton. This bag protects the cup when you’re not using it, and makes it super easy to pack with you anywhere you go.

No hazardous chemicals
OrganiCup is made from 100% medical-grade silicone and is not coloured avoiding additional additives. It is allergy certified, vegan and FDA registered.

My New Period has completely changed the way I experience this time of the month, especially living in a van.

I am saving money,
I am always prepared,
I no longer worry about leaks,
There is no more mess that leaves a foul odour,
I can’t feel the cup when inserted (unlike tampons),
I am more comfortable and energetic than ever,
It is small, compact, reusable and super easy to store and pack with you on your adventures!

It’s a small act on my part that will benefit my body and the impact on this earth that I passionately wonder and call home. If you too, want to join this movement then click the link below and use my code clarissa20 for 20% off your purchase!