About Me

PC @ajroulstone

I am a small town girl from Ontario who left my stagnant and anticlimactic life behind, to create a life full of passion, adventure and epic scenery out here on the west coast.

I have been living in my van by the name of Nancy-Jean, for nearly four years now on Vancouver Island.

Having the freedom to live a life by my own rules has made for some pretty big experiences, plot twists and opportunities. All of which, have brought me to where I am now.

What started as a relaxing weekend getaway, lead to a complete van break down just outside of Tofino BC. During my very extended mechanic visit I realized that I didn’t have the funds to drive back down Island. So I made the very easy decision to settle down and have this magical place become our new home.

The Tofino landscapes, community and culture is like non-other. There is much to learn and experience from this quaint little surf town and surrounding coastal rain forest. And I can not wait to share it with you all.

My goal here is to inspire you to live a life full of passion, adventure and authenticity. To prove that you don’t need to travel big or full-time to create, connect and explore.

Follow along as I share my thoughts, experiences, adventures & passions!

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