Why van life?

Why van life?

For some people, the concept of packing your life into a van, and living on the road sounds crazy, and maybe they’re right. Why would you leave a decent paying job that offers you stability and security for a life that is the exact opposite of that? A life where nothing is guaranteed, and everything is un predicable. Well, I will tell you why; freedom. I can agree that sacrificing a secure, routined life is scary as hell, but to me, it’s worth it. You can’t fully appreciate what you’re given in life, if you’re never at risk of losing it.

For the past three years I wake up, go to work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and been calling that a life. Barely getting time to do the things I truly love to do, because I feel some sort of responsibly to working 40 hours a week. But why? Because I’ve been taught that in order to “make it” you have to work your life away? Work most your life so you can retire with a decent pension(if your
lucky)? Then what? By that time you’re almost too old to even do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Well, I refuse to be one of those people who’s life ‘starts’ once they’ve worked half of it away. It is going to start right now. I want to look back and be proud of the things I’ve done, the places I’ve gone, and the people I met.

I have been following vanlife accounts for over a year now. At first it just started as a dream, way too far of a reach to actually consider doing. Imagine if.. I’d love to go.. If I had my own van I’d.. and the thoughts and dreams went on. However, the more I learned about the travels of so many vanlifers, it began to sink in that this really could be a reality for me. So for curiosity sake, I began looking for vans online. Nothing was really jumping out at me. But I was still determined. I set a goal that by Thanksgiving 2016, I would be the owner of a Van. Weeks went on and thanksgiving was coming up fast. It wasn’t until a really good friend of mine wanted to help me reach this goal, that shit became real. He found one almost right away. Long story short, he found me my new home on wheels! A 1983 Dodge Ram CamperVan. It was that easy. Now my dreams are slowly turning into a reality. It’s hard to even wrap my head around, that something I’ve only dreamt of doing, I am actually going to be doing.


I understand there are consequences of vanlife. There is a lot of struggles and hurtles you have to overcome. It’s not always going to be picture perfect, like instagram makes it appear to be. But I believe that’s the whole reason I’m attracted to this lifestyle. I think it’s the best way for me to learn and grow as a person. Putting myself in situations that force you out of your comfort zone. And what better way to step out of your comfort zone then putting your entire life into a 17 foot Camper Van?

Being outdoors has always been where I’ve felt most content. I grew up doing all sorts of outdoor activities like camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding ect. Exploring in forests and being in the water is what me and my cousins lived for when we were younger. But then we got older, went to school or got jobs, and these things I once loved doing, just became a distant memory. That being said, I can’t wait to be re connected with nature again. To feel like I’m that little girl again, exploring and discovering what mother nature has to give.

I don’t know what the future holds for me and my vanlife journey, but I can’t wait to experience all it has to offer.



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