Travelling Northern Ontario

Travelling Northern Ontario

So this is where it all begins. 

Days before I left for this life changing adventure, a friend of mine decided last minute that she wanted to join me for the first two weeks. Her name is Renee, and she too, has never traveled west across the country. So I was so stoked to have her join me!

As you know, I am from Ontario. You’d think that since I am about to travel the COUNTRY that I’ve at least travelled lots in my own province, but that’s not the case. And to be honest, before this trip, I didn’t have much interest in seeing what Northern Ontario was all about. I had heard it was pretty, but I mean.. there’s pretty places all over Ontario! If you think the same way that I did, then listen up!

As I’m sure you have all heard, driving up and out of Ontario is a very long trek. But it was one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever experienced. And we’re talking during mid MAY, before things have even bloomed yet! I can only imagine what Summer and Fall must look like. Especially Fall ( Which is now on my bucket list). IT’S A MUST SEE

Obviously, I have never seen Lake Superior before, and oh-my-god it was eye opening. Here I am thinking I need to escape Ontario all together to see the beauty of this world, but we were surrounded by beautiful views that were unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I was in awe, the Lakes, the little rock islands, the mountains full of trees that surrounded us. It was truly an amazing feeling, seeing a different side of the Province that I’ve lived in my whole life. 

Night One, May11th, 2017:

After driving for about 11 hours, we knew it was time to find a place to park for the night. Our first night! We were so excited but kind of anxious. We wanted to make sure we were in a safe place but we were running out of day light and theres not a whole lot of civilization up there. Lake Superior Provincial Park is what we were originally looking for, but we kept driving and driving and couldn’t find an entrance off the highway, even though our GPS was showing that we were driving right through it..stupid GPS’. We were getting a little frustrated, when we saw to the left, a banner of old but colourful flags along a lane way saying ‘Twilight Resort’. We decided to check it out, which ended up being the best decision. It was a very small little camp ground right on Lake Superior. We pulled into our site right as the sun was about to set and we had the most gorgeous evening! Sunset and lake view site, and a late moonlit dinner. Renee and I both agree that it was the most breath taking beautiful sunset either of us have ever seen.. and we’ve seen a lot of sun sets! This completely set the mood for the rest of the trip. How did we get so lucky? We had no plan, just pulled into what looked like a some-what sketchy place, and turned out to be a hidden gem!!


So if you’re headed North, just before Lake Superior Provincial Park, keep an eye out for Twilight Resort. It’s a great little place to spend a night. You won’t be dissapointed.

Night Two, May 12th, 2017:

Thank god we stopped where we did the first night, ALL of the Provincial Parks for alomst 2 hours past us were still CLOSED for the season.

We drove for 12 hours to Kenora, a town fairly close to the Ontario/Manitoba border. YEP.. two full days of driving and we’re STILL in Ontario..but once again we lucked out. We pulled into Anicinabe RV Park and Campground right at sun set. We were settling in when we had 3 deer come hang out right next to the van for probably an hour and a half. So we drank wine, ate our dinner, and watched the deer as the sky’s turned shades or orange and pink. It was a beautiful way to end this amazing trek up and across Ontario. 


If we weren’t so eager to make it to our friends house in Edmonton by Saturday night, I would have taken my time turning this drive. Looking back, I really wish we would have. But that is just more incentive to do this drive again. 

So if you’re from Ontario, take a week, load up a vehicle with your best friends, and take a road trip and venture to the great north, you won’t regret it!


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  1. Very nice post 💕 Missing you so much while reading this.

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