About Me

I am a young independent female traveller hungry for adventure, creating a life where the open road is my home. I have been living in my van named Nancy-Jean, which has become a vessel representing freedom. I travel around Canada and America capturing and documenting my experience with the van life community, sisterhood on the road, and this eco friendly, adventurous lifestyle. This lifestyle choice means that travel, self-growth and the occasional misadventure has become my daily experience. My purpose is to inspire other like-minded or curious nomads to break out of their comfort zones and create a life rooted in love, support, and vibrant community. We so often let our insecurities and self-doubts hold us back from living the life we’ve always wanted. So after more than two years living on the road I am dedicated to creating space for exploring and bettering the planet, personal independence and growth, while also diving deep into the world wide community of van dwellers, life lovers, and adventure seekers.

This lifestyle has given me the freedom to experience incredible adventures, the access to infinite beautiful places, and the privilege to surround myself with an abundance of like-minded people. It has also given me the special opportunity to meet, attend and host community gatherings.
I use my platforms to tell my story, post my photography, and share the people and brands I meet and work with along the way.
It is important for me to live and work within my moral compass which always encompasses good people doing good things. I could not be more proud of the relationships and clients I have built.