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  • Dr. Bronner’s Canadian Product Launch: ORGANIC MAGIC BALM!
    I am sure many of you are familiar with Dr. Bronner’s already! Their line of 18-in-1 Pure Castle Liquid Soap is highly popular in the travelling community, as it is great for your face, body, hair, clothes, food, dishes, mopping, pets – the best for humans, home and earth! Dr.…
  • VanLife: Periods & The Environmental Impact
    It appears that each year the number of adventurous lady van dwellers has been growing at rapid rates, which means taboo conversations like Periods are now openly talked about more than ever before. I think it’s fair to say that all van lifers have their own struggles managing life on…
  • Loneliness Doesn’t Have To Be Sad
    When you think of the word “lonely’ what feelings come up for you? What does the word mean to you?  Generally, when I think of loneliness I associate it with a sad, empty, lost or hurting feeling, causing a form of unhappiness. But as of recently I have encountered a feeling…

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